What We Have to Offer:

Most of our business is buying gold, silver, and platinum from local individuals, buying estates, and teaching others how to buy gold and silver. 

Many people have found that they have several pieces of gold jewelry laying arond that they no longer wear and enjoy; with gold prices staying high these few pieces can often be worth hundreds of dollars. 

Sell Your Old Jewelry:

Now many people claim they pay "TOP DOLLAR"  but yet never want to tell you what they pay.  We are upfront with everyone telling you exactly what percentage we pay.  We pay AT LEAST 75% of the value for gold and AT LEAST 65% for silver.  This is the minimum we pay if you bring us a lot of metal or we start working with you on a regular basis we can negotiate a higher percentage. 

Have Us Buy Your Estate:

Many people find that when someone trys to buy their estate jewelry, coins, and bullion that they receive a "low-ball" offer.  This is because the company or individual is hoping that you will feel their offer was really high by buying everything in one bid.  Had you had them break it down you would have seen that most of them are paying less than 50% of the items value.  Again, before you sell it have us come and evaluate it whether you sell it to us or not.

 Want to Learn to Buy Gold?

This may sound crazy because we are essentially creating competition for ourselves, but we look at it like a partnership.  We will gladly teach you how to test gold, how to calculate what it is worth, and give you lots of pointers to get going.  Please check out my website http://www.thegoldvideo.com to learn everything about the gold buying business.

Who We Work With

General Public:

Anyone who has items they want to sell can contact us to setup an appointment.  We will meet, evaluate your items, provide an offer, and you can choose to accept or decline our offer.  You are not obligated to sell by setting up an appointment.


For those of you who hit dozens of garage sells and are always gathering items to resell...we want your business! We know that you can find a fair gold, silver, and platinum in some of the most obscur places.  We will work hard to provide you the best price for your metals, get you paid in cash, and be flexible to your busy schedule.  Give Bonnie or Matt a call to tell one of us about your situation and learn how we can help your business.

Store Owners:

As an owner of an antique store, pawn shops, or other shop that buys gold, silver, platinum and fine jewelry, you have many options to sell these items.  Sometimes you just need cash today and do not have the time to wait for a refiner to process your metal or to wait to find a buyer for a certain piece.  In these cases give us a call and we will do our best to solve your problem.

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